Memory Palace

One of the oldest methods that are still being used today for memorization is the creation of your memory palace of the loci method. It has been recorded and studied and it has been used by world champions of memorization. There is the regular competition for those who have a great memory that is held. Andi Bell is already a winner for three times and there are also many others who have won the competition many times. They said they also used the loci method to memorize.

The method of using the loci method is that if you have things to remember then make your own palace and place them while you enter. If you are trying to memorize the ingredients to a menu or the things you have to carry tomorrow then you can do it by imagining your house. As you enter you put things in places where you could remember them. Opening the door you saw the book you have to return to the library tomorrow or you may have a penalty.

As you have the list f the ingredient then you can have your imagination go through it. When you open the door, there are eggs dancing to greet you. Acknowledging them you went to the kitchen and saw some flour. When you wake up you can again recall like this. It is just an illustration and you could have your own memory place built. This could be the place very familiar to you.