General Tips

There could be many tips that involve how you could be able to have a good memory. If you are a student then you have to have a good memory so you can be able to study. You can be able to retain the things you learned so you can pass the exam and you can also put it into practice. That is why there are many who also wants to know how they could be able to have a good memory.

One of the tips given is that when you will have an exam, try walking before the exam as exercise can help your brain.

You can also speak loud when you are studying if it works for you as others do not like to listen to something while they study. If you had been studying for hours, have a break and you can also reward yourself some treat. To be able to remember what you had studied, you can also teach it to someone. That way you can recall and memorize it again.

You can use diagrams or draw if it helps you. If you are trying to memorize what you have read then you can also read it again and again.

Check it by writing it down to some paper. You can read it to others also. If you can make for yourself a map where you put the information you need to remember then do so. A mnemonic use is great and you can test yourself to see your progress. If you want you can study in groups.