The Technique

It is good if you know what technique to use when you want to learn something because it would be very helpful. In some areas, there are different techniques needed so that they could be done effectively or you could choose another method for the sake of being faster to be done. Let us know the technique of Andi Bell that he published in his book that is 72 pages long. In helping you to use the technique there are cards for improving memory, a small bag of bean, and a game for memory when you will purchase the book.

The technique would then be using a process of knowing what is in your house and the location and corners of it. That is because you will use it to visualize or imagine things that you need to remember. When you have the list for your grocery needs you can imagine the flour being scattered in the table and a box of milk that is empty. You need flour and milk so you can do it that way to memorize them. That is why you should know things in detail when you are memorizing.

In the book also is explained how can you use the two-digit system so that you can be able to memorize numbers but not using the phonetics but you will associate something on it. An example is when you will memorize 06 then a die could be the symbol having 6 faces. You would know more detail when you will receive your card that has the number of 00 until 99. There is also the cards for remembering faces and also names.